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Why Mastersurvey

Built for everyone

Finally, a free professional survey tool both you and your users will adore. You’ll love it for the easy-to-use advanced features to collect data from your audience. Your audience would love it for the simple and delightful experience.

We aim to remove all the constraints between you and the data collection. Hence, we have made Mastersurvey 100% free. Now, create surveys without bothering about any feature constraints and user limits.

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Give your users a clean, on-brand interface.

Allow your users to tell you what they think - in a way that feels native to your app experience.

We have given special focus to ensure our platform is clutter-free and intuitive.

Create new survey widgets easily with our intuitive editor.

Use our no-code survey editor to create, edit, and manage widgets, and deploy changes in real time

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Use data logic to design the user flow.

Set logic to jump to different questions, or prompt users to stay on the survey using our integrated survey logic.

This makes data collections more useful as questions are sequenced in certain order and respondents also find questions relevant for them.

Make your survey interactive

Build interactive and conversational surveys of any type, for any purpose, in multiple regional languages of India. Get 40% more responses by making it more personalized.

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Target specific user cohorts.

Set audience rules to dynamically select who should see your survey based on their behavioral and demographic attributes or key actions completed in the past.

Start and stop as you wish.

Preset the goal and timing for each survey project so you can sit back and relax while data is collected at the pace you want.

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What makes us different


No coding knowledge required; everyone can use our platform.


100% free without any limitation.


Quick support from our dedicated team.


Curated by Industry experts.

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